Hill & Szrok


The idea behind Hill & Szrok is a simple – and traditional – one.

One of the company founders was cycling past a butcher’s shop and thought “wouldn’t it be cool to turn that into somewhere you could also eat?” As it happens, that idea – the “cookshop” – dates back to the 15th Century (and is the origin of today’s restaurant). We’ve just taken it into the 21st Century.

By day, at the Broadway Market site, we are a traditional butchers specialising in free range and organic meats from small farms around England. By night we transform into a buzzy 25-seat restaurant, where we prepare our most interesting cuts, and serve them along with a selection of great wines.

Or, to put it all another way...

We cook what we sell and we sell what we cook.

A French traveller visiting London in the late 17th centruy called François Misson remarks;

There are cookshops now in all parts of the Town where it is common to go and chuse upon the Spit the Part you like, and to eat it there… Generally four Spits, one over another, carry around each five or six Pieces of Butcher’s Meat, Beef, Mutton, Veal, Pork and Lamb; you have what Quantity you please cut off, fat, lean, much or little done; with this, a little Salt and Mustard upon the Side of a Plate, a Bottle of Beer, and a Roll; and there is your whole Feast…

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